About the Centre for Imaging Research

CIR -the Centre for Imaging Research - is a centre for world-leading imaging, jointly formed by Karolinska University Hospital, Karolinska Institutet, and Region Stockholm. CIR supports acadmic, clinical and industry users with access to imaging facilities and related services at the highest international level.

CIR offers an exceptional and unique collection of core facilities for cutting-edge structural, functional, and metabolic in vivo imaging of all organs, in humans, non-human primates, large, and small animals.

CIR has a particularly competitive edge on translational brain imaging, on combination of multimodal imaging and endovascular/minimally invasive surgical techniques, including several nationally unique and next-generation imaging instruments,

The imaging facilities are supported by an internationally acclaimed in-house radiopharmacy and radioligand development facility plus a radioligand binding and an autoradiography facility.

Learn about what the different facilities offer here.