Patrik Jarvoll

Head of Unit

KERIC: Karolinska Experimental Research and Imaging Centre



KERIC is a core facility that offers imaging analyses in experimental systems in combination with experimental surgery in large animals like swine as well as in rodents. We offer advanced imaging services in MR, PET and CT and a fully equipped facility for experimental surgery with four full size operation units equipped with ventilators. Combination of any modality can be arranged. For example, Angiographically guided surgery followed by PET-MR imaging. Together with other core facilities within CIR we can offer full-service solutions for academia as well as for companies combining surgery and imaging on most experimental systems.

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We offer a fully equipped facility for Experimental surgery with four full size operation units equipped with ventilators and monitors for physiological functions, and laboratories for small animal surgery. We provide tools for Angiography (Philips Alura FlexMove FD20), MRI (Bruker 9.4T USR 94/30 with a 4-channel phased array cryo-coil), PET-MRI/CT (Mediso nanoScan 2x PET-CT).
KERIC offers our resources to academic research, training courses and for company clients.

When you run project with KERIC, we offer support from our specialised Application Scientists and Animal Technicians with expertise in the modalities we have. We will run the equipment and can help you with designing the experiments and project workflow. We can also offer support with the Ethical Approval application process or in some cases handle the Ethical license in house. We can Host animals direct or indirect with collaboration within KU (AKM) and other animal labs we collaborate with.

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1, 9.4T MRI 
State of art 9.4T preclinical MRI equipped with three gradient bore sizes. That makes it possible to arrange an effective inner diameter of 20, 12 or 6cm. Methods in anatomical imaging, fMRI, Ex vivo, Pharmacological MRI and Cardiac imaging (CINE) are established applications in various animal models. For mouse brain applications we also have a 4 channel phased array cry-coil that cools down the electronics (not the animal) to 25K. This gives drastically increased signal-to-noise, which is important when you scan such small objects.

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2, PET/CT x2 
We have three PET-CT systems for animal imaging. They are equipped with single mouse or rat beds or double mouse beds. You can run 4 mice simultaneously were all the animals are anaesthetised and monitored individually to give optimal image quality.
The PET modules (spatial resolution 0.8mm) and a CT module (min. voxel size: 10-34 µm). Combining out PET systems with the 9.4T MR we can offer very good in-line PET-MR imaging as well.
KERIC have close collaboration with Radio pharmacy Core Facility (RCF) that are in the same building two floors below us and have two in house cyclotrons on the first floor. This arrangement makes it possible for us to have freshly produced radioactive ligands delivered with minimum time frame.

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The unit for angiography provides an Allura FlexMove Xper FD20, Angiographical-CT from Philips. It is a joint project with Philips Healthcare offering possibilities for advanced endovascular research, device development, courses in endovascular treatment and more.

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Experimental Surgery 

Our operating rooms are regularly used for surgical training in areas such as specialist trauma expertise, transplantation, neuro/stroke, gynecology, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, pediatric surgery and more. We also have ongoing research projects for new and refined medical equipment and methods. They are fully equipped surgical rooms with respirators, monitoring systems, etc. These rooms can additionally be equipped with microscopes and a mobile unit that can film and broadcast live in a Teams session.

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